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[Mountain disaster search: Northern Alps Ito Shindo - Mt. Mitamata Renge, two people in their 20s...

Northern Alps Mitamata Renge Ito Shindo Distress Search and Rescue
From “Shinshu Mainichi Shimbun Digital” October 24, 2023

In response to a request from the family for rescue and search, our ground team stood by at the scene in the event that the police were unable to find the victim, and followed up with the family until the victim was found.

There were doubts about their survival due to the bad weather after the accident, the rising waters of the Yumata River, and the fact that they did not carry snowy mountain equipment.

However, due to the individual's decision to descend the mountain on his own, his careful actions such as securing drinks, keeping his body warm, and using highly visible colors to signal the helicopter, he was rescued and brought back alive without major injuries for the first time in five days. I am very happy that this happened.

These are the words I received from my family.

``Thank you very much. We believed in your hard work, but your professional actions and analysis also supported us emotionally. I really wanted to meet you and thank you. However, I regret that it didn't come true because of the hesitation.Please let me know when you visit the Northern Alps.Thank you in advance.''

“There were many times when I felt like giving up, but thanks to everyone's help, I was able to stay strong.I am filled with gratitude.Please take care of yourself and rest well. Next time I would like to take a fun trip and visit the Northern Alps.

Thank you very much for all your help. My family and I were able to arrive home safely. I feel that the daily routine of making dinner is such a blessing. I am so grateful for everyone's support. I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much.

(Article image, youtube: from "Shinshu Mainichi Shimbun Digital")

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