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Emergency Service

​Rush to the scene 365 days

​Mountains in eastern and northeastern of Japan; within 12 hours
The domestic mountains in Japan; within 48 hours

Searching for missing people in the mountains is nothing but a race against time.

Mountain conditions change every moment. Accumulated snow, variations in the remaining snow surface, the washing away of earth and sand by rain, and the accumulation of fallen leaves by the wind, etc., erase not only the missing person but also the footprints and belongings left behind by the missing person.


Our team has members who can be dispatched 365 days a year and is on standby ready to dispatch whenever a search request is received. In the Mountains of eastern and northeastern of Japan, we will rush to the scene within 12 hours of the first report. For other domestic mountains in Japan, we will rush to the site within 48 hours.

Since this is a private team, there is no comparison to the speed of the local fire department or police. However, as a search team specializing in mountains, we rushed to the site as soon as possible, and search members entered the scene at the same time as administrative members began collecting information.

*The "site" refers to the point in the mountain area where the climber went missing, where rescue and search operations are to begin, such as the trailhead or entry point that leads to the location of the accident.

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