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About search from the sky

The number of missing persons in the mountains has been on the rise in recent years.

This is due to the recent mountain climbing boom and the decline in the number of mountaineering associations.

The most effective way to search for a missing person is to conduct an aerial search using helicopters from each prefectural police aviation unit or each prefectural disaster prevention agency.

However, in many mountainous areas in Japan with an altitude of less than 3,000 meters, the ridgeline near the top of the mountain is often covered with trees, making helicopter searches often ineffective.

It is also unavoidable that administrative agencies have a certain deadline for mountain searches.

In principle, searches by private helicopter companies are not currently conducted.


Understand the feelings of the family. Prompt dispatch and early detection.

Due to the circumstances mentioned above, there are many cases where the search for a missing person has not progressed and the family is left feeling overwhelmed.

Even if the family desperately wants the missing person to be found as soon as possible, unfortunately there are cases where the search is called off, leaving the remaining family with no way to search for the missing person any further. There is also a reality that time passes.
Our organization listens to the needs of families from the time immediately after a disaster to the time of discovery, and uses our years of experience and strong will to respond sincerely, aiming for quick dispatch and early detection.

Being at the scene of a mountain accident

If the location of the victim is not known, it is necessary to narrow down the point where the accident occurred.

The mountain environment is subject to change depending on the weather and season, so understanding the situation at an early stage is the best clue for the search.

By identifying lost points on mountain trails, slip-and-fall points, and the presence or absence of slide marks and traces, we compare the state of mind and behavior of the missing person to identify the location of the missing person, leading to early detection.

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