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Flow of Seach and Rescue

From accidents occurrences to searches and rescue and discoveries.

After a mountain accident, you may feel anxious and worried. However, there are many things that only the family can do to help the victim as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, such as submitting a distress report to the police or checking the location information of a victim's mobile phone, please contact us.

There is no charge for initial consultation or advice for families.
*There will be a charge for actually contacting and making arrangements with related organizations, conducting search activities online, securing members, etc.

Mountain accidents

① Submit a search request to the police.

② Please contact us.

③ To families and clients. Something that needs to be done immediately.
  1. Please check whether the missing person has mountain insurance or not, and the supplementary provisions related to searching for mountain insurance or travel insurance.

  2. Please investigate information related to the missing person's location, call history, etc. to the best of your ability. Usage status of smartphones, mobile phones, mountain climbing apps, Google MAP, etc.

  3. Please contact the missing person's mobile phone company to confirm the location information of the last mobile phone call made by the lost or missing person. (After informing the mobile phone company that you are a family member of a missing person, in most cases a request for information disclosure is made via the police station with jurisdiction. However, in the case of docomo, the police station where the search request was filed is sent to the Metropolitan Police Please contact us for inquiries.)

  4. Please check the usage status of various institutions and security cameras of the missing person before climbing the mountain. (Public transportation, private cars, convenience stores, etc.)

  5. Please contact us with the following information about the missing person: Personality, occupation, mountain climbing orientation, mountain climbing experience, list of mountain climbing equipment, list of mountain books you own, mountain search history on your computer, chronic illness and medical history, etc. From a highly specialized perspective, we derive the characteristics of the missing person and envision specific behavioral patterns. These will provide information on the location of the victim.

  6. Please inform the local police station that you are requesting a private mountain search and rescue company to be dispatched. Information can be shared with police stations.

    ​*Requests for information disclosure to various organizations require a request by the family and a search request notification to the police. If you have any questions regarding detailed procedures, please contact us.​

    *The personal information you provide will not be used for any purpose other than mountain rescue and search.

④ Rescue and search operations

Discovery and Rescue

*If your family or friends haven't returned from the mountains and you don't know what to do, if you don't know anything about mountains, or if you don't feel comfortable going to the police station, please contact us for support.

*If a search is conducted in parallel with public rescue agencies such as the police or fire department, information such as search locations will be shared, and the search locations will be divided and searched.

Regarding costs related to search and rescue
  • Activity fee for one member: 50,000 yen/day

  • Secretariat expenses: 50,000 yen/project

  • Expenses (mainly transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, tent accommodation expenses, etc.)

  • Management fee: 15% of the total

  • Consumption tax (10%)

    *If there is a day only for travel, we will not charge the full activity fee.
    *Additional fees may be required for activities in dangerous areas.
    *About expenses: Additional expenses may be required in the following cases. ​Identification of location information by personnel operating information terminals. If the equipment is worn out or damaged during the activity. Use of drones. Use of rescue dogs, etc.

    ​Mountain rescue and missing person searches are public services. We will not charge more than the stipulated daily allowance and search expenses. Within our limited budget, we carefully consider the priorities of search proposals and do our best to conduct effective searches for the early discovery of missing persons.

*If the mountain victim or missing person has mountain insurance, rescue and search costs will be covered.
In many cases, there are companies that guarantee 100 to 500 yen, up to 10 million yen.
Please check with his/her insurance company. If you are unsure, please contact us.

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