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In the mountain accident that occurred in March 2022, from the initial response, the police and fire department shared the search area and discovered it during the search.

After a mountain accident occurs, the police and fire department will begin rescue and search operations, but private rescue and search teams can also be dispatched at the same time.

Early discovery is possible by splitting up and searching distress points in a short period of time.

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Six years have passed since the accident in May 2016, and the search continues.

Last year, we were able to trace their footsteps at that time, and we are currently looking for pairs of a man and a woman to obtain information on sightings.

Thank you for your cooperation.


``We are looking for a male-female pair who may have encountered a 21-year-old man who was lost in May 2016.

The male and female pair must have traveled from Shinhotaka to Kagamihira on May 4, 2016, staying at the Sugoroku winter hut, and headed to Mt. Washu on May 5. The men are thought to be experts, and may be considered guides or mountaineers. Just knowing whether or not you have encountered a person in distress can be an important clue. ”

🔳Situation of the accident: 21-year-old male.

On May 3, 2016, I entered the mountain with the plan of descending from Takase Dam in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture through Ura Ginza to Kamikochi.

May 3rd: Stayed at Goro Noguchi's winter hut.

LINE with friends at 10am on May 4th.

Accessed the YAMAP app at 8:30 on May 5th. The last communication was at 9 o'clock, and he has been missing since then.

🔳On May 4th, a male and female pair and two males were staying at the Sugoroku winter hut. They were able to contact the man and received information that the male and female pair were headed to Mt. Washu.

🔳The person may have stayed at Mitsumata Sanso on May 4th, and we are currently looking for any sightings.

If you have any questions or know the mountain climbing conditions at the time, please contact us.


[Contact information]

Mountain distress search network

Telephone 0463-64-2607 


Many search teams have been involved so far.

Starting this year, the Mountain Search and Search Network will conduct the search.

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