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Special rescue work

We engage in special search activities, high-altitude work, rescue work, and photography work not only in mountains, but also in valleys, rock walls, forests, remote areas, high places, caves, etc. both domestically and overseas.

Our specialness comes from the fact that we are always professionals in multiple fields. We know mountains, valleys, forests, and are strong in remote areas.
The core of this lies in techniques for rapid movement in unfavorable mountain conditions, techniques for climbing rock walls, and techniques for lifting and extending ropes.
Our greatest joy is in applying them to address difficult or creative needs that don't fit into existing categories.

We hire a wide variety of professionals in the natural environment and provide mutual training in different fields.
This allows us to centralize tasks that previously could not be grouped together, or tasks that had to be outsourced to multiple professionals.

We would like to introduce you to a number of jobs that we have been asked to do in the past, which were probably one-offs.


  • Recovery, packaging and transportation of aircraft that crashed in isolated mountainous areas

  • Suspension bridge construction and jetty installation work in remote valleys

  • Close-up photography of rare plants growing on rock walls in remote areas

  • Recovering a drone that crashed in a high mountain pine area. Recovering a drone stuck in a tall tree

  • Creating an access road to a cave on a deserted rock wall.

  • Creating a passing point task on a rock wall in an adventure race

  • Camera installation work for photographing birds on a rock wall on a remote island in the ocean

  • Recovering the body of a missing person who fell into a ravine

  • Raising the body of a missing person who fell off a cliff in a snowy mountain to a point where it can be transported by helicopter

  • Search work using a drone for a missing person in the mountains who is in possession of a transmitter

  • Search for a missing person who fell into a waterfall on a remote island in the ocean that can only be accessed from the sea

  • Photography of a famous waterfall buried in snow in the Northern Alps

  • Recovering skis lost on a snowy mountain

  • Photographing a waterfall where hot spring ingredients are precipitated in a volcanic area where toxic gases are generated

  • Photographing a large waterfall on a snowy mountain on a full moon night

  • Underwater photography of fish that live in waterfall basins in remote valleys

  • Recovering beehives on rock walls

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