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[Mountain Lost: Victims found on Mt. Nemoto within a few hours of the start of search]

Three days after the accident, we received a search request from the family, and within a few hours of starting the search, we found the person we believed to be the person, but the result was very disappointing.

The person who was lost this time had made thorough preparations before entering the mountain, including submitting a climbing plan, purchasing mountain insurance, and bringing a GPS. For this reason, we are fortunate that we were able to detect the disease early and that the search costs were not borne by the family.

This is the third incident this year where we have been dispatched to Mt. Nemoto in Tochigi/Gunma's 100 Famous Mountains. The accident occurred on a general mountain trail, which is not an advanced route. Additionally, there are few signs on the mountain trail, making it easy to get lost.

When climbing a mountain, there are places where one step can mean the difference between life and death, and one decision can lead to an accident. It is important to stay where you are and not move unless you can make a firm decision on your own. I hope that you will face the mountain with accurate judgment every step of the way.

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